Primordials: Fireborn Announce Trailer!

2017-06-28 22:57:38 by slaleky

I'm proud to announce the latest project I've been involved with...


Primordials: Fireborn!



Primordials: Fireborn is an action adventure game following the tale of a fiery young hero named ‘Ash’ who finds himself on an epic journey to unlock the lost secrets of his past.

Currently in development by Toybox Games Studios in Melbourne, Australia, Primordials: Fireborn is a 3rd person combat and platforming driven experience, set in the vast and beautiful world of Eridal. With a focus on captivating storytelling, players will uncover a greater mystery about Ash, and the world he inhabits. Along the way, players will encounter unique characters and traverse incredible landscapes. Fireborn combines epic storytelling and thrilling gameplay into a single unforgettable experience.


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